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Color Soirée: “Esperanza” By Evelyn Martin

Esperanza is Spanish for “hope.” It’s also the inspiration behind recent diPietro Todd Development Program graduate Evelyn Martin’s Color Soirée—a presentation our students put together to show off their technical skills and give us insight into their influences. In her presentation, “Esperanza,” Evelyn blends her heritage with her technical skills to craft stunning hair colors… Read more »

Our New Location is Ready!

For the past 30 years, diPietro Todd has been a constant in Union Square’s ever-changing landscape, landing itself as an iconic premier salon in San Francisco. While we have opened new locations, we have never relocated, making the very walls of 177 Post Street almost part of the ethos and culture of the company.

The Color Trend You Need This Spring

The days are getting longer. The weather is getting warmer, and flowers are blooming. Everywhere you look, spring is in the air. It’s a glorious season full of fresh, natural beauty. This spring, we’re embracing a more natural look when it comes to beauty as well. We sat down with salon co-owner and colorist Maggie Ponicsan to hear about this season’s color trend she’s obsessed with.

Matrix Destination 2018

Every year Matrix brings together all of their educators from around the globe to teach, inspire, and encourage working hairdressers over the course of a 3-day extravaganza. This hair nerd party is called Matrix Destination, and this year it took place in Orlando, Florida. diPietro Todd was on location with 4 colorists in attendance, and… Read more »

Change is in the air

If you haven’t already heard… diPietro Todd on Post is making a bold, exciting move to 520 Washington St. in Jackson Square, SF. We love our new location and we think you’ll love it too! The countdown is on for the opening date of March 15th, 2018! It’s just a short distance from Union Square,… Read more »

“Efflorescence” by Nona Zandinejad

Sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses—appreciate the simple things and breathe in life. In our latest photo shoot titled “Efflorescence,” Creative Director Nona Zandinejad brilliantly reminds us we’re surrounded by natural beauty; all we have to do is look around. Inspired by the natural beauty of spring, Nona uses “Efflorescence” which means,… Read more »

Dry hair? We got you.

Not a single day in the salon goes by when I don’t hear a complaint from a client about dry hair. Like most hair dilemmas, dryness isn’t a one-size-fits-all problem. Many things cause dry-hair problems, and even more claim to be the dry-hair solution. We’ve identified the real deal: Rene Furterer is well known for… Read more »

“The Northmen” by Nona Zandinejad

Inspiration can blossom in the most unlikely places—and sometimes, the least glamorous. Creative Director Nona Zandinejad’s fascination with Viking culture fueled the creation of the fantasyland in which we set our latest photo shoot, entitled “The Northmen.” Nona’s strong interest in ancient and middle history, combined with the prevalence of Vikings in pop culture, helped… Read more »

Let new stylist Sabrina Tsang jazz up your hair

  Just as a jazz musician hones their skills, listens to the other ensemble players and improvises a beautiful solo, a stylist perfects their craft, hears their clients’ wishes, and creates an artistic, architectural cut. Today, we welcome new stylist Sabrina Tsang to our Mill Valley location. A jazz musician who has performed internationally, Sabrina… Read more »


When it comes to seeking inspiration, we’ve found it’s best to focus on material that’s truly meaningful to us. That’s why our 30th anniversary was at the heart of our last team photo shoot – the project meant so much more knowing that it was in celebration of how far we’ve come together. When we… Read more »