Reflection: A Look Into the Most Pivotal Haircut Ever

Image source: diPietro Todd Salon

Historically, there is one haircut that shook up the status quo —the bob. An indicator of female revolution since the beginning of the 20th century, it is a statement of individuality, freedom and no longer needing long hair to be considered feminine and beautiful. From Coco Chanel’s flapper-esque coiffure to Anna Wintour’s signature blunt ‘do, the bob is iconic.

“It’s exciting to be living in a time where women want to be more unique — and through that — showing more confidence,” said Creative Director Nona Zandinejad. Inspired by the bob’s magnitude, she created “Reflection” to celebrate women’s confidence and self-love. Her goal is to show the bob’s variations and delicacy—from a soft shattered shape to strong and angular.

Image source: diPietro Todd Salon

The wardrobe, makeup and props express women’s strength and femininity—power suits revealing a sexy womanly form underneath, makeup highlighting sharp yet soft facial features, and mirrors—not to show vanity, but the woman appreciating herself from all angles.

“Reflection” reminds us of the bob’s power and impact on beauty and self-confidence.

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Photography: Kristin Cofer
Creative Director / Wardrobe / Props: Nona Zandinejad
Makeup: Angela Tang
Haircuts: Nona Zandinejad, Debi Alley, Jason Chagnon, Hayden Opatrny
Additional Styling: Sabrina Tsang, Shyla Lane
Models: Lulu, Haley, Miki, Kelsey