Thinning or Fragile Hair?

Hair question I get asked most often- 

Is there anything I can do about my excessive hair shedding short of going to a dermatologist and signing up for medication that might come with possible side effects?

My heart goes out to our clients with issues like this. I also know after working with clients for a number of years that stress can play a major role with excessive hair shedding on top of the everyday environmental hair damaging factors. Goodness knows we’re all stressed with COVID-19! 

Fortunately, two years ago I got some information about a product named Sero that sounded different from anything I had heard before. Right from the start I was excited for our clients who had hair issues. In truth, my daughter has fragile fine hair that also seemed to be shedding a little too much and I was excited for her to try Sero as well. I used her as our test model and she noticed positive results within weeks which was music to my ears. She has now been using Sero for the last 2 years and turned on many of her friends. If you’re concerned about your hair, I think it’s worth giving Sero a try. I would suggest you use it for 3 months to see if you notice a difference. Take your Sero supplement with a meal to guard against any stomach upset as sometimes supplements can do.

We honestly care about you and your hair!