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Soirée Wonderland

Congratulations to John Mok and Stacey Klotovich on their successful final presentation as part of their graduation from Development. Their Alice in Wonderland themed show was presented at our Fillmore Street salon.

Negative = Positive

dPT has eight people who are graduating the Development program within the next six months.  I always get really excited when I see assistants work hard to meet their goals and measure up to the standards here at diPietro Todd.  With that being said, I also get very nervous when I know they will be… Read more »

15 Minutes

Students show off their hard work at this year’s diPietro Todd Development Soirée. The Soirée is titled “15 Minutes” after Andy Warhol, “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” [wpvideo GqPgeOmI]

Androgynous Noir

Final presentation of graduating Development students Kameron Austin and Brooke McGuinness. Presented at our Fillmore Street salon.