Negative = Positive

dPT has eight people who are graduating the Development program within the next six months.  I always get really excited when I see assistants work hard to meet their goals and measure up to the standards here at diPietro Todd.  With that being said, I also get very nervous when I know they will be working with clients soon and have had so little experience doing consultations.  We all know that the new client to the salon is the most difficult to consult with, so for the last round of assistant meetings we’ve been breaking down consultations by having the leading assistants share what they have learned (both positive and negative) from assisting the stylists/colorists.  It is always interesting to hear what the assistants come up with.  I remind them that some of the negative examples might be the best lessons learned on how they don’t want to do things when they get on the floor.  Working on consultations with the assistants has been a good reminder that this is a subject we need to revisit at the staff meetings with everyone present.  We can never rest on our laurels if we want to stay on top as a Market Leader Salon.

-Kim Todd


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