The inspiration behind a cutting-edge collection

Image source: diPietro Todd Salon


Where can you find the inspiration for a new style? It turns out you can rely on a classic luxury to be the spotlight. That’s how Creative Director Nona Zandinejad used diamonds to create the latest collection entitled, Diamànt. Her team concepted this shoot to be sleek and sentimental. Andrew and Kim Todd then received the shoot as a personal gift from the team. The occasion? The 30th anniversary of diPietro Todd and our fashion-forward thinking. It was a challenging task – one that required Nona to search for inspiration in places she had not before.

“We looked up the traditional and modern anniversary gifts for 30 years, which was diamond and pearl,” Nona said. “And my imagination went wild.”

Diamonds are a creative director’s best friend.

Inspirational styling
Image source: diPietro Todd Salon


Growing up, Nona’s mother had always emphasized that true beauty comes from individuality. This lead Nona to pursue her flair for unconventional styling in London and New York. Now, Nona is inspiring other stylists and students at diPietro Todd. Just as no two diamonds are alike, each model showcases a unique interpretation of the initial inspiration. The silver sequins and white rhinestones give a clean and elegant look to the collection. Diamonds are timeless for a reason: whether it’s 2018 or 1988, they consistently awe and inspire the creative mind. Here’s to a season of new looks, new collections, and new inspiration.

Image source: diPietro Todd Salon


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