Madonna Theory

Akemi Tamarabuchi

They say it’s easier to get to the top of your game than staying there. After what we consider a 21 year ride of success in the salon world by putting our heart and soul into everything we do, Andrew and I realized it was time to take a risk and put trust and faith into a Creative Director. We knew that this person had to be someone who knows this business inside and out, is bright, beautiful and eager to do the work. Our solution—Akemi Tamaribuchi. Do you think Madonna would look so good without her hard bodied back up dancers, the best makeup artist, choreographers or clothing stylist? I don’t think so. Our favorite word at diPietro Todd is “Collective” because everything we do is a collective. We are a group of like-minded creative people who collectively come up with ideas with fabulous direction that keeps us moving forward.

-Kim Todd


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