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Collective V2 was a big success. For those of you who were cheering us on from the crowd, or thinking us us from afar, thank you for your continued support as we presented our latest inspirations in hair, fashion, music and most of all our thoughts on education.

This year in color we featured a mixed palette of tones and techniques ranging from apricot, pastels and classic sunny blonde balayage to vibrant reds and cool brown palettes. Paired with all white and gold fashions the hair color became the focal point, while showing texture with fringe.

For our cutting segment we were inspired by vibrant colors and textures in tribal street wear and the individual. Our shapes expressed graphic outlines and soft interiors, working with expanding the natural texture and observing growth patterns.

Lastly in our styling segment we took inspiration from vintage glamour and paired it with contemporary textures and finishes by shifting balances and mixing matte, pleated textures and smooth high-gloss shapes.

Thank you to everyone that made this show happen, your support is much appreciated. Stay in touch with diPietro Todd Academy through Facebook or this blog and get up to date news and events.

With Love and Thanks,

Akemi Tamaribuchi, Creative Director
Amita Moticka and Shelley Mohr, Academy Directors





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