Into The Groove

into the groove

I get really excited for September to roll around because Fall more than any other season is a great time for fashion. The whole industry seems to really take off after a lazy summer of breezy clothes and a laid back attitude. At diPietro Todd Salon we start looking at all the glossy magazines early in the season to stay on top of what’s happening for our own interests and for the interests of clients by keeping them in touch with the current trends. With that being said, this is the first decade trend that I personally have to repeat having lived through the 80’s as a young adult. Quite honestly I’m having a hard time taking it on. Meanwhile the young hipsters at the salon are thrilled with the prospect of executing stronger looks, making their job here a lot more fun (I’m seeing some interesting pompadours already). Whether it be cutting edge or timelessly classic, our main goal here at diPietro Todd is making sure you have a cut or color that is perfect for you.

-Kim Todd


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