Our Christmas party for our dPT staff was amazing thanks to Andrew Todd and Sam Hayes.  Planning for this party starts in August and not a detail is spared. This year’s vampire theme, “Forever Young” posed the question: who would you be if you could live forever?  Andrew and Sam always choose a unique theme that is inspired by what is happening in pop culture. This year’s party was at Vessel nightclub. The venue was transformed into a dark, candlelit atmosphere perfect for vampires to gather in, complete with faux smoke, manzanita branches, black lights, plasma orbs, and a full moon. Everyone, dressed to the nines, out did themselves coming up with the most unique and creative costumes. It was sort of like a masquerade as it was hard to recognize my own employees.  DJ Icon put everyone in the dancing mood and performers from Vau Di Vire Society provided some inspiring entertainment. The best costume awards went out to Chad Robinson and Moises Villa. Check out our party photos and keep in touch with us on facebook.

Moises Villa and Chad Robinson

Kim Todd, Sam Hayes and Andrew Todd


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