Dry hair? We got you.

Not a single day in the salon goes by when I don’t hear a complaint from a client about dry hair. Like most hair dilemmas, dryness isn’t a one-size-fits-all problem. Many things cause dry-hair problems, and even more claim to be the dry-hair solution. We’ve identified the real deal: Rene Furterer is well known for their Karite line (AKA shea-oil magic). Recently, they just got a little more specific in just how Karite can slay the brittle-hair beast. Here’s a little cheat sheet to help determine which Karite products suit your parched locks.

Before continuing, if Christmas music was playing the last time you got your haircut then that is no job for a shampoo or a deep conditioner- call the salon, like yesterday, and book a haircut!

For the rest of you….

Karite Hydra

If your hair is A) fine to medium, B) oily to normal or C) looking slightly parched to a little thirsty, then Karite Hydra is your friend. Maybe you spent the whole summer at the beach or maybe you just highlighted your hair to make it appear that way (I’m not judging) — either way, this shampoo and conditioner for dry hair will do the trick. This is a great line to try if other moisturizing shampoos have been too heavy or too greasy. For our Rene Furterer loyalists, this is replacing the Carthame dry and damaged-hair line, and you will dig it if that was your jam.

Source: Rene Furterer


Karite Nutri

If your hair is thick, coarse, textured or, I don’t know, blonde when Mother Nature screwed up and made you a brunette (still not judging) — then Karite Nutri is your BFF. If you can’t remember a time post-prom that your hair wasn’t dry, or you have really put it through the ringer this summer, then commit to sitting with the deep conditioner on your hair once a week for 20 minutes. This stuff is no joke and will saturate your hair in shea oil, shea butter, cimentrio and wheat microproteins. It’s a recipe that repairs damaged hair, regenerates from within and soothes the scalp, leaving shiny gorgeousness in its wake.

Source: Rene Furterer


These are just two of the many solutions diPietro Todd has up our sleeves to revive dry hair — so if you are worried about a potential forest fire igniting in your pony tail, then please talk to your stylist or colorist ASAP. Don’t take our word for it — if you don’t believe yet that Karite has magical hair repair powers, they’ll be happy to clue you in.