development at dpt

Our latest graduate, Alex Vega (Stylist @ Post St)

Somewhere in recent years diPietro Todd’s in-house training program called “Development” has been compared to Harvard when people speak of the best training the beauty industry has to offer. It is rewarding to hear that since we are very committed to our students that we hire and train. This spring we’ve graduated 3 students with one more finishing up this summer. All the students come to diPietro Todd’s “Development” program with hopes of working in a successful high end salon once they graduate. In the process, students work in a structured, self-paced program that takes up to 3 years to complete. Obviously we are more interested in the quality of their work than their speed. Their educators/mentors stretch them in every way possible to make sure by the time they finish our program they are technically in place, confident, creative and ready to tackle any hair issue or client needs. The students who work the hardest and have the most vision will make it to the soiree that they have to present to the staff before they get a position on the floor at one of the diPietro Todd Salons. We are always so proud of the students when they finish we could almost cry!


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