Image: diPietro Todd

When it comes to seeking inspiration, we’ve found it’s best to focus on material that’s truly meaningful to us. That’s why our 30th anniversary was at the heart of our last team photo shoot – the project meant so much more knowing that it was in celebration of how far we’ve come together.

When we were conceptualizing our latest shoot, we knew we wanted the inspiration behind it to be just as meaningful. This time, however, instead of looking inside our ranks for that inspiration, we looked out at the world around us. And we found ourselves returning to the same idea again and again: a gender revolution.

“Revolution” is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days—and usually for good reason. A revolution happens because there’s both a deep need for its occurrence and a powerful force urging it on. In this shoot, we wanted to explore both sides: the celebration of how much we as a society have evolved on this issue, and the recognition of how far we still need to go.

We knew that as beauty professionals, we were uniquely positioned to tackle the issue from an aesthetic standpoint—to show our fellow human beings as truly beautiful, exactly the way they are. For that reason, we shot in black and white to keep the focus on the beauty of the models and minimize other distractions.

“I wanted the focus not to be on their specific gender, but purely on their beauty and character,” says Nona Zandinejad, Creative Director. “That’s also why we kept the makeup and wardrobe consistent on each model. We wanted everything to be neutral and androgynous.”

At the heart of this shoot is our firm belief in the beauty and worth of every person. We know we will carry that forward with us—and we hope you do, too.

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Photography: Kristin Cofer
Creative Director/Wardrobe/Set Design: Nona Zandinejad
Makeup: Angela Tang, Paul Xayarath
Cuts: Sabrina Tsang, Sergio De La Fuente, Nona Zandinejad, Alexandra Dietmeier
Styling: Nona Zandinejad, Victoria
Hair Color: Stevie Lane, Amber Davis