“The Northmen” by Nona Zandinejad

Inspiration can blossom in the most unlikely places—and sometimes, the least glamorous. Creative Director Nona Zandinejad’s fascination with Viking culture fueled the creation of the fantasyland in which we set our latest photo shoot, entitled “The Northmen.”

Nona’s strong interest in ancient and middle history, combined with the prevalence of Vikings in pop culture, helped us land on a theme that was equal parts on-trend and idiosyncratic. She drew her inspiration for the collection from everywhere – from TV shows to best-selling novels to major movies – and of course, from cold, hard history.

Source: DiPietro Salon


Photographer Kristin Cofer set the scene with stunning natural light to soften up the dark tones of the warriors. The Vikings, setting out for the first time across undiscovered land, stand strong and ready for battle. Nona chose to give this ancient concept a modern twist with its fashion, textures, braids and distinctive cuts.

To put it simply, inside Nona’s mind, winter is always coming.

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Photography: Kristin Cofer
Creative Director/Wardrobe/Props: Nona Zandinejad
Makeup: Angela Tang
Haircuts: Alexandra Dietmeier, Hayden Opatrny, John Mok, Andrew Ludekke
Hairstyling: Nona Zandinejad
Models: Neil Youngson Harris, Kyle Bryant, Matt Roebuck, Bobby Franz