The DPT Family


It has always made me crazy when people ask if diPietro Todd is a franchise. It is true, we have 5 locations and 6 business partners so I guess technically that makes dPT a franchise. To me the word franchise denotes a business with no soul or one that is very generic and cold so I looked up the word franchise to get the true meaning. Franchise: “The right or license by a company to an individual or group to market it’s products or service in a specific territory.” I still don’t like the sound of the word or the definition. What Andrew and I have done at diPietro Todd in our 21 years of business is create opportunities for people to grow within our company. We have selected people as business partners who are like-minded in our work ethic and our principals about treating people with respect. We are all on the same page when it comes to maintaining a standard of work that is modern and current while working with our clients to make sure what we select for them is perfectly suitable to their lifestyle. We all also believe in mentoring the next generation of hairdressers. Thank you Cynthia Rapp, Winona Lewis, Shelly Mohr, Amita Moticka, Maggie and Dylan Ponicsan. You’re the best!

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