Let new stylist Sabrina Tsang jazz up your hair

Source: DiPietro Salon


Just as a jazz musician hones their skills, listens to the other ensemble players and improvises a beautiful solo, a stylist perfects their craft, hears their clients’ wishes, and creates an artistic, architectural cut. Today, we welcome new stylist Sabrina Tsang to our Mill Valley location. A jazz musician who has performed internationally, Sabrina finds definite parallels between her two crafts.

“Both are built by careful composition and improvisational arrangement,” says Sabrina, a Bay Area native who was raised in Taipei. “Both are defined by rhythm and pace.”

Sabrina recently graduated from diPietro Todd’s rigorous apprenticeship program. Her debut collection, “Mesh,” celebrates her love of the iconoclastic material.

“Mesh is a fabric— kind of like hair is— something you can layer, mix and match and make your own,” she says. “Just like my background and personality.”

Sabrina’s books are now open at our Mill Valley location.. Don’t miss your chance to get in with this up-and-coming talent—she’s truly a Renaissance woman.

Click here to view the whole collection.