Glam Rock Spectacle

The staff at diPietro Todd all agree that this year’s annual Christmas Party with a “Glamrock” theme at SF’s newest hotspot JONES was one of Andrew and Sam’s best parties to date!! It seems as though everyone says that each and every year… but I will admit that this year was AMAZING!! Crazy enough, Kate Moss was on the cover of December’s French Vogue as a David Bowie look alike so we all knew we were riding the wave of what’s happening in fashion and modern culture, which we really pride ourselves on. The evening opened with a girl band named “Featherwitch”. They were beyond sexy and fun. After that, DJ Sam Isaac took over from there. The highlight of the evening was a performance piece by Michael O’Rourke (colorist in Palo Alto) as Freddie Mercury from the infamous 70’s band Queen. Michael was seriously channeling Freddie Mercury and the crowd was going wild to my favorite song “We are the Champions”.Thank you to the diPietro Todd staff. You are the champions!




Michael O’Rourke giving us his best Freddie Mercury performance

The diPietro Todd crowd goes wild!

Glam Rock at its finest

diPietro Todd takes over Jones.. what a Glam Rock Spectacle!