“Efflorescence” by Nona Zandinejad

Image source: diPietro Todd Salon

Image source: diPietro Todd Salon

Sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses—appreciate the simple things and breathe in life. In our latest photo shoot titled “Efflorescence,” Creative Director Nona Zandinejad brilliantly reminds us we’re surrounded by natural beauty; all we have to do is look around.

Inspired by the natural beauty of spring, Nona uses “Efflorescence” which means, “to flower out or blossom” in French, as her interpretation of the process of a flower unfolding and becoming its true self.

Using fresh-faced, naturally beautiful models, our team captured the delicate innocence of spring. Nona chose a wardrobe that amplifies the natural scenery and showcases the soft, youthful beauty of the models. For this shoot, the team features the more natural side of hair color—one that enhances rather than changes the model.

The colors, scenery, season, wardrobe, and models all come together to create a timeless collection that reminds us of the inherent beauty that surrounds us.

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Creative Director/Wardrobe/Props: Nona Zandinejad
Makeup: Ashlee Elizabeth
Haircuts: Nona Zandinejad, Mikey Alejandro
Hair Color: Annie Campana, Stacy Klotovich, Gilbert Estrada, Maclaine Defelice
Hairstyling: Nona Zandinejad, Lacey Leeder, Sabrina Tsang, Alexandra Dietmeier, John Mok
Models: Olive, Katherine, Bre, Sarah, April