Do good to your do


Why is it that women will spend so much time and money on their skin with daily skin care regimens and big $$ to avoid wrinkles, sun damage and premature aging and yet their hair more often than not gets the shaft? What we women will do for our skin is pretty staggering. That is compared to the prospect of spending less money on a monthly in-salon conditioning treatment that stave off frizzy, dry, over worked, and dead hair that most likely has been processed with color numerous times. To me a woman’s head of hair says as much about her over all general good health and vitality as does her skin—so why not give it equal attention? I promise you that all the dPT treatments will be worth your investment and time, as they literally take 15 minutes from start to finish. Your hair will be shiny, full of body, sleek and beautiful and last up to 5 weeks. Hair—your main accessory you wear every day!

-Kim Todd


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