dinner at the todd’s

Andrew and I had a dinner party for our Partners, Creative Team and Directors of Education to show our appreciation for everything they all do here at diPietro Todd to make this the dynamic salon that it is. Andrew was his most amazing chef self in the kitchen and Shelly Mohr (Academy Director of Color) came to the rescue at the end to make it extra fabulous. It was great to see everyone have such a good time together. Not a lot of talk about work, just good food, fun and friendship. We ended the night with Chris David, our new partner for our Palo Alto salon belting out a song and dance to that old favorite from the 80’s, Human League’s- “The Things That Dreams are Made of.” It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Thank you—Akemi, Winona, Maggie, Dylan, Chris, Amita, Shelly, Dawn, Emily, Stacy, Ali, Aileen and Brittany

All The Best….