Cozying up with gratitude, greying and growing-out hair…and good books :-)

I can speak for the entire staff at diPietro Todd by saying we all have so much compassion for what the entire world is dealing with and what every individual is going through right now and we also understand that during this time our own personal image and self-esteem might be lacking without our usual custom color and a current haircut to keep us looking and feeling our best.  But please rest assured diPietro Todd misses you all very much and during this hiatus we are strategizing ways we can be even more magnificent as a company and as a service provider to you. For certain, we will be ready and waiting for you when we can all return back to our hair home. 

In light of making the best of the situation, many of you in our diPietro Todd family have shared that you are cozying up with good books. I wanted to mention that diPietro Todd client, corporate executive, entrepreneur and well-being aficionado Megan McNealy recently wrote a book about body, mind a spirit well-being and success in business and life: Reinvent the Wheel: How Top Leaders Leverage Well-Being for Success.

​​​​​​​In her book, Megan opens up her heart and in addition to sharing her own personal health journey through cancer and autoimmune disease to vibrant wellness, she shares stories of 18 CEOS and Founders with mastery in a particular area of well-being. From John Mackey, Cofounder of Whole Foods in the Eat a Plant-Centric Diet chapter to Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO of Hint water in the Hydrate chapter to ME, yours truly (!) in the Craft Self-Expression chapter (so honored!), this book reminds us to “Protect The Asset” (your well-being) which I quickly surmised as to mean-do your best to create a life in balance for all positive reasons and fully understand how they are intertwined. What better time for this than right now? I read an advance copy while we were in England and France last summer, and I wasn’t the only one who loved it…it was named in the Forbes “Top 20 Must-Reads of 2019” and also won a prestigious Axiom Business Book award. Megan is committed to service, and to cut down on delivered packages and expenses for people during the pandemic, convinced her publisher to run a $1.99 special on the e-book during April. 

While we are all sheltering in place for personal safety, the people we love and all of humanity, Megan’s book couldn’t be more timely. I can’t help but think of all of you treasured souls, and our diPietro Todd pride in helping every one of you with your own personal image. Stay tuned…. 

With Gratitude,



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