We Stand Together

diPietro Todd stands together in diversity and inclusion. We do our best to ensure all voices are heard and diverse perspectives are embraced and respected. As a community of hairdressers of all different ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations, we stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s our top priority as a company to continue to commit to honest discussion around diversity and inclusion in race relations, education and continue a path toward healthy professional careers and salon experiences for all. There is always room for growth. With that being said… We will be implementing these steps to continue to cultivate a brand and community where people feel represented and included.

  • We will include more BIPOC in our online and social presence, photoshoots and education. 
  • We will be hosting a class on “undoing racism” for our staff and cultivate knowledge, clarity, and awareness on this subject matter.

We welcome people of color as clients and staff members at diPietro Todd.

We’re learning. We’re listening. We’re growing.