Best to Invest


Why Invest in the stock market or property (especially with the ups and downs) when you can invest in yourself? In this industry, you (the hairdresser) are your biggest commodity. It is pretty apparent that the cutters and colorists who take the time and spend money on outside education are the people with the longest most fruitful careers. Sometimes even revisiting basic principals of hairdressing whether it be cutting or color instills confidence. Andrew always says at our dPT staff meetings, reiteration of what you already know is a powerful learning tool. I guarantee that the diPietro Todd Academy classes will keep you inspired and up to date with the latest trends and techniques while at the same time allow you to justify raising your prices. San Francisco is a fabulous city with so much to offer so why not visit us for some one-on-one education in cut or color. We promise you will learn a lot and love the process.

-Kim Todd

P.S. It’s a tax write off too.