These are unprecedented times for all of us. Service businesses such as ours are especially hit hard. Whilst we are confident things will return to a stable place in the future, we have some immediate challenges to deal with. The most important being….The welfare of our staff and their families. Many of you have asked “How can I help”? We are so grateful and there is a way you can help. On our website you have the ability to purchase a gift card that you can use towards any future service. This would certainly help lift us out of the doldrums and get us on the path of some sort of semblance to normalcy. Like you’ve heard many times before…..We’re all in this together. Please take care of yourselves and we look forward to seeing you soon. With loving kindness, All of us at diPietro Todd

Due to mandated Shelter at Home salons are closed until April 7th

We will get in touch with you in 1 - 2 business hours. After hours we will get in touch with you 1 - 2 hours from when we next open.