Max Easley

Max Easley


Hairstyling is a second career for Max. 2009 turned out to be perfect timing for Max to leave his finance career. Not one for sitting at a desk or for the corporate life, Max left it all behind for a 4-month backpacking trip through half of Europe.

Upon returning to the States, Max discovered hairstyling via the diPietro Todd Creative Team when they recruited him as a model for a photo shoot. Max saw there a group of people who all LOVED their jobs and imbued their work with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom drawn from their colorful and charming character. He was inspired by diPietro Todd’s drive for ongoing education and was compelled to begin the diPietro Todd Development Training Program in order to be part of an organization that is constantly striving for mastery of their craft. It’s all the better that the craft makes others happy every hour of the day!

Max has a plethora of interests in his life, ranging from acting, athletics, reading, philosophy, film and especially travel (which he loves to talk about). Max is skilled at working with all hair lengths and textures, but often finds himself working on curly hair, perhaps because he himself has such curly hair. He is originally from Sacramento, lives in San Francisco and works in our Palo Alto salon.