Maggie Ponicsan

Maggie Ponicsan

Co-Owner Walnut Creek, Colorist

Maggie was born and raised in Seoul, Korea and moved to Los Angeles when she was 15. She has always loved fashion and began her studies at a Los Angeles design school for fashion. There she learned her passion was for textiles, mixing prints, patterns and colors instead of design itself. She enrolled in the Vidal Sassoon Academy to learn more about styling and make-up to pursue a career as a stylist. There she discovered the world of hair color and fell in love..

She began her career in 1987 at Vidal Sassoon in Beverly Hills. After 10 years in Los Angeles, she moved to San Francisco and started her path at diPietro Todd. She quickly worked her way to becoming one of the lead colorists in the company and is now a partner at our Walnut Creek location.

Maggie is a true city girl and enjoys the hustle and bustle of big cities. She draws inspiration from people watching and has a strong sense of feel, good intuition and a sharp eye. Maggie brings these traits to her work and along with her 26 years of experience, she has a clear vision for her clients and combines different techniques to keep her work unique and special for each client. Maggie has seen the profession grow from once being a ‘back of the salon service ‘to becoming a leading specialty. She is proud and excited to be a colorist. Maggie also loves puppies.